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Strategic Sustainability of Critical Enterprises, People, Communities
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Environmental Security International (ESI) provides education, facilitation, and technical assistance in environmental, energy, security, and risk management programs in the public interest. ESI offers training for emergency preparedness, response, recovery, continuity, integrated security management, and community resiliency. ESI provides assistance in risk and security assessments, conducts advanced investigations, leads planning and practical exercises for public and private organizations. ESI offers management consulting focused on assuring compliance with law, meeting international standards, as well as education in public policy, best practices, and application of appropriate technologies.

ESI projects include research, development, and testing of management systems and technologies, assessing their efficacy in achieving objectives to reduce risks to health, safety, water, air, and energy resources. All ESI systems may be monitored continuously by authorized stakeholders for their performance in detecting, preventing, and responding to threats to people, critical infrastructure and the environment. Research and development includes the expanded use of space assets, information technologies, and interoperable communications with proven capabilities for detecting intermodal, regional, and multi-media threats, measuring performance and monitoring compliance with legal agreements.

ESI facilitates public/private partnerships to reach public policy goals critical to environmental/energy security focused on assuring the sustainability of the enterprise, people, natural resources, and surrounding communities. ESI designs, implements, audits, or monitors voluntary or Court ordered compliance program (now incorporating EHS, ISMS, and new ISO/ANSI/DHS standards for integrated management systems) including offset, set aside, supplemental environmental projects, and advanced research projects for government agencies, international organizations, and other complex organizations.

ESI provides services for businesses, law firms, insurers, governments, healthcare, and other organizations. For further information please contact Environmental Security International.

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